Privacy Policy

Under the Information Technology Act of 2000, this privacy policy (the “Policy”) is an electronic contract that does not need to be signed. By using this website, users accept this policy. A user should not use this website if they disagree with these terms and conditions

It is important to consistently study and comprehend this Policy with the TnCs.

The Website suggests that Users check this Policy from time to time as it may change without prior notice.

The information exchanged and gathered from Users and the Website during Website use is described in this Policy. Users are also informed by the policies about the Website’s data collecting objectives and the guidelines for sharing personal information with outside parties.

The TnC definition of any defined term used in this Policy that isn’t defined above will be used.

Assembling data

Users may contribute the following personal and non-personal information and other information (collectively, “Information”) to the website.

Users’ personal data includes name, phone number, gender, date of birth, address, primary or secondary email address, credit/debit card number, expiration date, CVV/CVV2 number, password, and credit/debit card number.

Any more user data that may be relevant;

According to the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data of I) Act, the Website gathers personal data from social media sites, such as name, profile picture, email address, and friends list, in addition to IP addresses and other data.

Inanimate data:

User data includes location, browser type, internet or telecom service provider, and other data needed to use the website.

Please note that the website may track user time.

The User grants permission for the Website to gather and store information both electronically and physically.

The Website may allow third parties to access User Information provided they adhere to acceptable safety regulations.

Guarantee and Declaration

To the Website, each User guarantees that:

Each piece of information is accurate and current;

The User may use, access, and disseminate Product Information without violating third-party agreements, laws, charter documents, judgments, decisions, or decrees. Website officers, directors, contractors, and agents are not third parties.

Information use and objective

The website keeps data to notify consumers about new and existing products and services. To promote, advertise, and improve website products and services; perform surveys and research for company development; safeguard personal information; manage user accounts; and warn users to fraud, unlawful activity, and privacy violations.

Exchange of Information

In order to ensure effective management of User accounts and for other purposes, such as detecting and preventing identity theft, each User expressly agrees that the Website may share the Information collected from them with its affiliates, employees, agents, third party service provider, sellers, suppliers, banks, payment gateway operators (if any), and other individuals and institutions located in or outside of India on an as-needed basis.

Each User guarantees and declares that sharing such information won’t be harmful to them or anybody else.

Links to external web pages

The website may link to third-party websites that access user personal information without this policy. Each User agrees that using Website links to visit third-party websites is risky. The Website disclaims any liability for offensive content or privacy violations on third-party websites.

Data Safety

The Website will safeguard Information using appropriate security protocols and initiatives. Website will make an effort to stop third parties from unjustly, unlawfully, or fraudulently exploiting the Information.

The Website disclaims all liability if a force majeure event results in the User losing, damaging, or abusing the Information.

The Website will employ appropriate encryption and security methods to guard against information about Users and third parties being hacked, and it won’t coerce Users into providing any information that could endanger them.

The website will only use user information to complete transactions; it will not sell or otherwise distribute user information. It will use user information in accordance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 and its restrictions.

The User understands and consents to the Website sharing Information with third parties for any purpose, provided that third parties abide by data protection regulations.

Retraction of Information

Any information submitted by users or gathered by the website may be removed at any time.

Users can email the Grievance Officer to request the removal of information.

Grievance Settlement

In compliance with the Information Technology Act of 2000, the User may report identity theft, privacy violations, or complaints about information shared, collected, stored, or distributed in line with this Policy to the Grievance Officer of the Website at the following address.

GDPR Eligible

At Kashaf Blog, we value your privacy and the security of your data. According to GDPR, this Privacy Policy explains how we gather, use, and safeguard your data.

CPRA Adherence

Privacy is important to us at Kashaf Blog. When managing your data, we adhere to the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA).

We Treasure Your Secrecy:

The CPRA’s Rights

Obtaining and Utilizing Data:

Openness and Assent:

Data Security:

Data Exchange and Sale:

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Opt-outs for Sales and Sharing:

Young Data:

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