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Her sister, Claudette Dion told her fans about Celine Dion health that even after a year of Celine Dion’s diagnosis of stiff-person syndrome, an uncommon neurological disorder, the singer is now experiencing a loss of control over specific body movements.

Celine has lost control over her muscles

Claudette provided this update, stating that Celine, aged 55, “no longer has control over her muscles,” as reported by 7 Jours. This information follows a year after the renowned artist shared her stiff-person syndrome diagnosis with her fans and just seven months after she had to cancel her Courage World Tour due to challenges posed by the chronic condition.

Which Disease has affected Celine Dion’s Health?

Celine Dion health was disturbed by an autoimmune disorder and it was diagnosed in the fall of 2022. Healthcare professionals said SPS (Stiff Person Syndrome) is one of the rare disorders related to the nervous system. It doesn’t happen frequently; however, women are more likely to be affected by this disease.

People diagnosed with this autoimmune ailment can suffer various acrid symptoms regarding their mobility. These conditions may include muscular spasms, rigid posture, walking difficulty, dyspnea, unbalanced movements, falling, etc. It is not compulsory that everyone suffer all the symptoms. However, many symptoms can present in all.

Individuals may have different levels of severity and disease progress and similarly can show different reactions to the medication. Being an autoimmune disorder, when the body’s immune system attacks the healthy tissues, it is still incurable. Yet, it can be treated to slow down the progress and gain stability to live a nearly normal life.

Let’s have a bird’s eye view of Celine Dion’s health struggle against SPS.

Celine Dion Health Her Released an Update
Celine Dion Health Her Sister Released Update

Celine Revealed Her Disease in Public

In December 2022, she first time revealed her diagnosis to her followers and music lovers. She did it by posting an emotional video message to her Instagram. Celine Dion explained in the video that she’d been facing health issues for a long, and now it becomes more difficult to manage with all this stuff. She told about disturbances in her daily life due to muscular spasms that have affected every aspect of her daily life.

Dion expressed that due to spasms she couldn’t able to walk and even use her vocal cords for singing in her famous style. The winner of five Grammy awards showed her love and passion for singing to her fans. She said singing is the only thing that she knows, and it is her most beloved activity.

In response to her video message to her Instagram, her fans burst their banks with love and support during her critical time. Their comments and prayers for their beloved singer boosted her passion and willpower.

Dion Canceled Her Courage World Tour

We received Celine Dion’s health update in May 2023, when she again appeared to the audience and announced the cancellation of her tour in progress. This Celine Dion’s health update was again through her Instagram account.

She called this cancellation a huge disappointment. She explained that touring is hectic even when you’re fully healthy. In declining and painful health conditions, it becomes impossible. So, she fairly declared to her fans that, for the time being, she canceled the tour despite postponing it again and again.

She added that she is struggling hard against the disease and not giving up. She said that she is anxiously looking at the moment when she will again see her fans while performing on the stage.   

August 2023 A Hopeful Update about Celine Dion Health

August 2023 was a time of hope for her fans because Claudette shared a very hopeful update about Celine Dion’s health. She said her sister, Dion, is on the way to recovery. She has recovered mush as she is a strong and brave woman. According to her, although the disease is rare and almost incurable, Celine is getting stable gradually.

Controlling the muscular spasms and cramps is impossible. However, treatment brings stability to health. She believed that her sister Celine only needed lots of rest as she had worked hard for many years. Now, her body demands care and rest to be energetic again.

Celine Dion Health Her Released an Update
Celine Dion Health Her Sister Released Update

Celine Dion’s Public Appearance

The sun of October 2023 saw her again in public with her sons. After her diagnosis of SPS, it was her first public appearance in the Montreal Canadians NHL game. She visited the event in Las Vegas on 31st October 2023 with her sons.

After this glimpse of betterment, in December 2023, there was again sad news about Celine Dion’s health that she had lost control over her muscles. This could be a new attack of disease. But all of them are aimed at the goal of back on stage, although the capacity still needs to be defined.


As Celine Dion health is affected by an autoimmune disease, hopes are low, but she survived and improved due to her struggle against the disease. Her fans are supporting her with their love and prayers and wish to see her again performing on the stage. Visit: Toby Keith Health

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